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Terminating Decimal


Today on Math Out Loud, we’ll focus on the word terminating decimal, t-e-r-m-i-n-a-t-i-n-g d-e-c-i-m-a-l. The first time the word terminating decimal was used was in 1882 by John Ogilvie. Terminating decimal means capable of coming to an end or a decimal number that ends or terminates. A terminating decimal such as 0.75 has a finite number. A non-example is a repeating decimal which is a decimal that never ends. We’re the Math Masters with the word story of terminating decimal on Math Out Loud!

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  1.   kelsey Says:

    this is so cool guys!!!!!!! i love doing this it really teaches me good job 6 th grade that keep going we aredoing really good

    kelsey R
    student of mrs mcleod

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